27 Aug

Create Healthy Skin for Life

Lancer skin care is a three step method that not only revitalizes your skin quickly but is long lasting. There’s no reason not to do something that is so good for you but so inexpensive (you spend more on a cup of Starbucks everyday than you do on this skin treatment—about $3.00 each day), simplistic and non time consuming.

None Of Us Is Getting Any Younger

That statement is painfully obvious every time we look in the mirror. Unless of course we’re taking three steps in the morning and three steps at night, with the aid of Lancer Skin Care Products, to assure ourselves of nearly ageless beauty. You know how people say that pregnant women have a certain glow about them. There’s no sense going to that extreme just to get glowing skin. This skincare method is proven and has even appeared on Oprah.


Get Rid Of The Medicine Cabinet Full Of Skin Care Products

How do the celebrities do it? How do they keep their skin eternally young looking? There are lots of skin care products on the market that many of today’s celebrities stand behind. Endless skin care products in fact. You don’t need to take up the entire counter or cabinet with all your products for skin care if you just simplify and downsize to the Lancer skincare method.
Don’t just save on space; save on time and money, too.

26 Aug

Speeding Up Your Metabolism Will Help Weight Loss

One factor that can be blamed for your inability to shed pounds how you would like to is a slow metabolism.  If your body does not burn calories quickly enough turning it into fuel, it will soon lead to some extra pounds.  Considering that your metabolism is likely dictated by genetics and age, this can really be a pain for those that are trying to shed some pounds.  While you may have been born with the metabolism you have, there are ways to help speed up your metabolism, such as using chia seeds, which in turn will help you shed those pounds!


Why is a Faster Metabolism Beneficial?


The rate at which your body burns calories is what will ultimately decide how much or how little weight you gain and lose.  If you have a slow metabolism, foods that some people are able to eat without a problem could wind up putting a few pounds on your body.  If you use a few tricks to help your metabolism along, you are likely to lose weight more quickly and the tricks you use could also aid in making you a healthier you.


Speeding Up Your Metabolism


While are bodies determine our metabolic rate, we can do small things to help it along.  For instance, adding green coffee extract to your diet can aid in speeding up your metabolic rate and will help shed some extra pounds.  Another tip is to keep hydrated.  It seems cliché but drinking those eight cups of water a day will keep your body chemistry moving the way you want it to.  On the other side of that, avoid over indulging in alcohol.  Research shows that after a night of drinking, your metabolic rate drops significantly.  One tip that can be even enjoyable is snacking all day!  Of course, this doesn’t mean eating a bag of potato chips all day.  Rather, snack on fruits, vegetables, even granola several times a day to get that metabolism working.  There are plenty of other ways to speed up your metabolism and it is a good idea to test as many as you can until you find what works for you.


A slow metabolism can be a really tough thing to overcome when trying to lose weight.  While your metabolism is already chosen for you, you can make changes to it to get it running at the level you would like it to.  The important thing to remember is to stay healthy above all else, and going to drastic measures to lose weight is not only unhealthy, it’s counterproductive.  However, when done in a healthy, responsible way, you can speed up that metabolism and fit into that pair of jeans you have been dying to wear!

24 Aug

Live a Longer and Fuller Life

As a rule, the law of averages has people living longer now than ever before.  Life expectancy in the United States, for example, is just short of 80 years of age.  As a matter of fact, in 50 years the average expectancy of life has indeed doubled!  Are people taking better care of themselves?  Are technology and science working together to make miraculous strides in the preservation of life?  Are the doctors and technicians responsible for our diagnosis and treatment more knowledgeable than ever before? The answers are yes, yes and yes.


Steps Toward a Long and Full Life


  1. Simplify – take whatever is unnecessary in your life and get rid of the extra weight, make simple the more confusing and complicated things in your life and constantly strive for the ability to differentiate between the two.
  2. What’s on your to-do list?  Make sure that you accomplish at least one thing each day – no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.  A sense of accomplishment goes a long way toward feeling good about yourself.  Make sure however, that whatever you chose to do is actually attainable.  Challenge yourself, yes.  But do not bite off more than you can chew.
  3. Prioritize – this might take a bit of practice.  Don’t spread yourself so thin that you don’t have enough left to enjoy the world around you.
  4. Reduce stress – but be careful not to make your life boring and without meaning or a goal.  A tiny bit of stress or urgency is not necessarily a bad thing.
  5. STOP – take time to stop and smell the roses… no really (barring any allergies).


Follow Your Doctor’s Orders


We can’t all be happy and healthy naturally.  Some of us need a little help here and there, be it from a physician, therapist or other professional.  Special diets, physical exercise routines, using the best anti-aging cream, breathing exercises, yoga, medication, massages, vitamins… there are many ways to take care of not only your body but your mind as well.  If you take prescription, maintenance drugs but are suffering from sticker shock at the checkout counter every time you fill your Rx, take the time to investigate government assistance or check out a an online pharmacy.  You may be surprised at how much money you can save.  That alone will help you enjoy life and better health.  No one should have to avoid taking their prescriptions because they can’t afford them.


And though psychotropic drugs prescribed by a physician have helped to alter the very life course of many individuals in need of assistance, much of your mental health is up to you.  If you do all in your power to keep a positive attitude about things and take the necessary steps to a happy, healthy mental outlook, you may find yourself less and less in need of those artificial means.  We all do whatever it is that we need to do to be happy and feel fulfilled.  The important thing is to make the most of each and every moment.  Love life and live it to its fullest. Find out what the future has in store for you by visiting http://www.psychicratings.org/oranum-psychics-review/.



Did you know that some companies will even PAY YOU to be healthier? Read here to find out more.

24 Aug

The Serious Nature of Motorcycle Accidents

I’ll see what I can do to not make this a doom and gloom article about the serious nature of motorcyclists in accidents. It’s rough to do however. Not only am I the proud owner of two Harleys, I am a former EMT; so I’m pretty much familiar with every aspect.

First Things First

I encourage anyone and everyone to shop for a motorcycle that fits them to a T. Not to big, not too small… but just right. And the next thing that I encourage bikers to do is get auto insurance from a queens insurance company. that will cover so much as a nosebleed; and then get familiar with the best motorcycle accident lawyer you can find. Now you’re covered. Inasmuch as the drivers of cages (cars) don’t watch out for bikers; bikers need to take responsibility for their actions as well. Never, ever, ever drive drunk. That’s not always easy considering that we love to take our bikes to festivals and go bar hopping on poker runs. I have lost fellow bikers to those very circumstances.

Motorcycle vs….. Anything!

Whether it’ motorcycle vs. car, truck, guardrail, another bike, or even a telephone pole; the motorcycle is always going to come out on the losing end; the motorcycle driver even worse. Let’s face it fellow bikers; the freedom that we enjoy is the freedom that will most likely result in our severe injury or death. Make sure you have the best term life insurance before you hop on the motorcycle. And your family funeral home in Brooklyn, NY knows about your final wishes.

The best course of action is defensive driving, protective gear and driving sober.

21 Aug

Staying Fit and Healthy Despite Kidney Disease

Got a kidney disease? You’re not alone. There are more people in the world today who have some type of kidney problem that requires dialysis but the good thing is that it’s not the end of the world; even people who have just received basic information on dialysis can live a normal life.


Always Watch Your Blood Sugar Level


The first step to maintaining your life while living with kidney disease is to check your blood sugar levels regularly because, many studies have been done by the National Kidney Foundation show that individuals who maintain their blood sugar levels can reduce the effects of their kidney disease by at least 50 percent. It’s also important for individuals with kidney disease to have their glucose levels checked at least every three months to make sure their blood has the proper amount of iron.


Blood Pressure


The next step to living with kidney disease and or dialysis is to maintain your blood pressure, the ideal BP show always be at 130/80. This can be achieved by avoiding salts, sugars and overall having a healthy diet. Maintaining healthy blood pressure has been proven to slow kidney disease and prolong quality of life. You may also want to give up your traditional cigarettes and switch to http://www.ecigarettereviews.com/v2cigs/.


Watch The Protein


One of the biggest mistakes that people with a kidney disorder make is consuming too much protein. Why is excessive protein bad? It makes the kidneys work harder than normal to process the excessive waste. If you’re receiving dialysis or treatment for your kidney disorder, you should take with your doctor about how much protein you should consume on a daily basis.


Keep An Eye On Cholesterol


One of the biggest problems for patients who live with a kidney problem is keeping their cholesterol in check. It’s important for every kidney patient monitor their cholesterol on a daily basis and if they experience any issues or health decline in their kidney health to see the doctor immediately.

17 Aug

Planning on Pre Conception Care

Is there any way to either predict or determine when ovulation occurs? You better believe it! What do you think all of these rich fertility doctors have been doing for all these years?


Some People Just ‘Have it Made’


Remember the Old Woman in the Shoe? You know the one—so many kids she didn’t know what to do. (Did you ever notice how the guy(s) responsible for all those kids was never around or even mentioned? Humph!) Some couples have just that kind of luck when it comes to fertility. They can’t STOP having kids. Then there are the couples that spend thousands of dollars at fertility clinics in order just to have one child. The scales are clearly not balanced here. Be that as it may, there are things that you can do to help yourself become pregnant with or without an actual fertility doctor. The first and most important step is your health. What self-respecting fetus is going to want to develop in the womb of someone who can’t even care for themselves (much less a newborn)? Mom needs to see to her own needs and health before even thinking about becoming pregnant. But then what?


Ovulation Is The Key


That teeny tiny window of opportunity (ovulation—when there an egg that is viable) can last as long as 24 hours or as few as 12. Sperm, on the other hand, can go for days. Yet another example of the pattern of a lack of balance here! Once you’ve got that kicked and your health in check you need to concern yourself with the social, behavioral and biomedical risks to your unborn fetus. Don’t wait until you’re sure that you’re actually pregnant to make an appointment with your doctor. Prenatal care is of the utmost importance. Several months into your pregnancy is a little late to start seeing your doctor ladies! The damage has already been done.


The key to planning a pregnancy is just that—PLANNING! Never underestimate the value of planning ahead. You could also find the best psychic readers to use to help you learn more about your future.




13 Aug

A Clean Environment Will Help You Stay Healthy



Have you ever worked in an office where it seemed that you or your coworkers were constantly coming down with something?  In some offices, it seems that a flu is always going around and in others, it could be a stomach bug.  Whatever the illness may be, if you are working in an office where people are constantly getting sick, it may be time to take a look around the office and see what can be done to clean things up a bit.



When you are in an office setting, you are breathing in the germs of the office.  Between the recycled air from the air conditioner and the coworker across the aisle sneezing and coughing all day, you should consider yourself lucky, and possibly superhuman, if you somehow manage to avoid getting ill.  When people are sick, they do things that they may normally never even consider and many times these actions can help spread these germs to other people.  For instance, some people may sneeze then go directly back to typing, transferring those germs directly to their keyboard, where their fingers get to dance in them a bit, before transferring them to the next coworker.  It really is that simple to pass on a bad flu.


Keeping It Clean

Keeping things clean means more than just taking care of air fresheners & odor control in the bathroom.  You will want to make sure that you can disinfect anything that may be coated in germs.  For instance, keeping antibacterial cleaning wipes at each desk, so that people can disinfect their desk on a daily basis is a great way to prevent the spread of germs.  Keeping hand sanitizer at each desk, so that people can use it immediately after they sneeze or after they touch something that may be contaminated with germs is another great way to stop these illnesses in their tracks. To cleanse your body, look into Detox Max.


A clean environment doesn’t leave germs a chance to get a grip on anyone and can help your company avoid all of those sick days.  By keeping things clean and disinfected, germs have no chance to spread, and they will soon die.  No one likes being sick and if your entire office seems to continually share a bug, it is likely that you need to look at your cleaning methods.  It isn’t tough to keep things clean and could save your office from that nasty flu.

10 Aug

Take Your Fight With Cancer To A New Level

Cancer is a seriously disease that threatens the lives of many individuals.  Do you know someone battling cancer?  If so, you are not alone.  Fortunately, there are many ways to stand up against cancer.  Join the fight today.  You might even take your fight to a new level and become a nurse.


Direct Support


When it comes to cancer, there is no better support then the ones provided by health care officials.  When you are a nurse, you are able to directly support patients who are battling cancer.  This gives you the opportunity to make a personal impact on someone’s life.  You could be the reason why they keep fighting.  As a nurse, you not only monitor the patient’s pain, but you also are responsible for other items as well.  In some cases, you may become their friend, cheerleader, support group, and more.


Use Your Skills


Furthermore, nurses are very valuable.  A nurse is a trusted resource in today’s world.  If you are looking for a way to make money off your skill, then a nurse might be what you should pursue.  As a nurse, you can support patients and thrive.  You will feel inspired daily when you witness the struggles and perseverance of these patients.  And you will be grateful for the opportunity to use your skills.




Fortunately, it is easy to become certified as a nurse.  You can start as a RN.  Then you can build on your experience and get a BSN.  Those with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing thrive in their careers.  They support many people and receive great benefits.  Plus, there are many RN to BSN online programs that can help you get the certification you need from the comfort of your computer.  These programs can help you excel in your career.  And they will provide you with the opportunity to fight against cancer at a whole new level.


Consider the field of nursing today.  It is a rewarding professional that allows many people to fight against cancer in a real way.  To help fund your dream, look into online pay day loans. If you want to fight, this may be the opportunity that you have been searching for.

08 Aug

Research A Laparoscopic Hysterectomy


Mention “hysterectomy” and people get a panicked look on their faces. They have heard all the horror stories about patients who had this surgery paying the price, both figuratively and literally. However, the modern techniques now available for this procedure has limited the complications of both the surgery and recovery.


Laparoscopes Can Be Beneficial

There are many reasons gynecologists recommend a hysterectomy. Medically necessary reasons are when a woman has either cervical or uterine cancer, chronic bleeding caused by childbirth, or severe infection. If the bladder or intestines are blocked by a growth, this is another mandatory reason to have this surgery. Optional reasons include fibroid tumors, pelvic adhesions that are caused by pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), ectopic pregnancy, uterine and vaginal prolapse, ovarian cysts, and precancerous cells. Other forms of treatments can be applied to these medical conditions.

Several different types of hysterectomies are performed depending on the condition of the patient. A complete one occurs when the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes are all removed. Only the ovaries remain. The removal of both ovaries, called a bilateral oophorectomy, is often done for ectopic pregnancies, ovarian tumors and cysts, PID, or endometriosis. Patients undergoing a radical hysterectomy experience removing the cervix, uterus, top part of the vagina, and most cervical tissue in the pelvic cavity. Pelvic lymph nodes are also removed and this type is recommended when a patient has cervical or endometrial cancer. Supracervical hysterectomies are performed to remove the uterus, but only part of the cervix because of their low risk of developing cervical cancer.


Varied Methods To Perform A Hysterectomy

Hysterectomies can be performed through different methods. Originally the only method, abdominal hysterectomies resulted in application of a 6-8 inch vertical or horizontal incision. Hospitalization is one week and recovery at home even longer. Vaginal methods require the doctor to remove the uterus through the vagina leading to discomfort during sexual intercourse. If a patient is recognized as a great candidate to have a laparoscopic hysterectomy, there are other factors to consider.

When using a laparoscope, doctors can remove pelvic adhesions easier. Since there are no stitches, due to the long scope going in through the vagina, recovery time is much quicker than abdominal and vaginal hysterectomies. Advanced technology offers robot-assisted laparoscopes that a surgeon controls from outside the body. The downside is they are costly and may cause your insurer to deny coverage. The benefits of laparoscopic hysterectomy include shorter hospital stays, faster recuperation times of 3-4 weeks, less scarring, and lowered risks of internal hernias. If a woman had previous surgeries, is obese, or has other pre-existing conditions, she may not be a good candidate for this procedure. Ultimately, a frank discussion with your doctor can aid you in making the right decision. And before any surgery, make sure you have researched the best term life insurance rates.

29 Jul

Getting A Cash Advance For A New Exercise Business

After years of working hand-in-hand with a partner you’ve finally decided to branch off with your own exercise business.  Well, congratulations.  Your next step will undoubtedly be the bank because you’re going to need not only a place to have people come and exercise but the equipment on which to do so and room enough for it all to fit into.  The bank may or may not approve you and it will take an eternity not only to find out the results but to then get the money… if that is, you are approved.  What might be easier is a  business cash advance from a company that deals solely in loaning business professionals the money they need in order to maintain, improve, or expand their business. Promotional items, such as coasters are a great way to improve your business clientele.


An Exercise in Futility


That may well be what you call requesting money for exercise equipment if you went to your typical bank down the street.  It’s not that exercise isn’t a good investment and that all that pricey exercise equipment isn’t worth the money… It might be that you have no collateral with which to secure that will.  Loan companies that concentrate on lending business owners the money they need have no collateral requirements.  Hopefully, you saved your proof of income from your last partnership and will be able to show this loan company that you absolutely, positively can produce enough sales through credit cards in order to pay back the loan.  Rather than collateral this is more likely what these loan companies will use with which to determine your eligibility for a loan.  And Lord knows a loan is exactly what you’re going to need to buy all that fancy-schmancy equipment that will be expected by your patrons.


Can’t Afford to Buy the Equipment Outright?


Rather than going in way over your head right away with the purchase of all new exercise equipment you may want to consider the following leases:


  • Dollar buyout – this can be an attractive financing option if, at the end of the equipment lease, you know that no value will be lost by the equipment. The true beauty here is that once the lease is up you are given the option to purchase your equipment for something on the lines of one dollar.
  •  Fair market value -  traditionally, the buyout monthly payments are higher than fair market monthly payments but rather than buying the equipment for one dollar these are your options: you simply give the equipment back… You renew the lease on the same equipment… Or you can pay fair market value for the equipment if you wish to purchase it.


So stop exercising your body long enough to exercise your brain when it comes to borrowing the money you may need for your exercise business.