11 Jul

Comparing UK and US Healthcare Systems

Health care in the United States and health care in the United Kingdom are two very different systems, and each program has its own share of critics and fans. For more information on healthcare visit www.surgeonabroad.com. The U.K. boasts a health plan that offers free care at the point of services offered to all of its more than 49 million residents. General Practitioners see and treat those who are ill at walk-in clinics. The doctor to patient ratio is 23 to 10,000. These physicians then recommend inpatient admission to a hospital for any patient who needs more intensive treatment. The hospitals are semiautonomous, self-governing public trusts with an average of 128 beds available for every 10,000 residents. A 24-hour telephone helpline is also accessible to those who may need medical information or assistance in their homes. Ambulances are free for those who have had an accident or emergency situation.

In the U.S., those who are ill may schedule an appointment with their family doctor or visit the emergency room of a hospital. There are more doctors in this country — 26 for every 10,000 residents, but office visits tend to be expensive, especially for those with no health insurance. Private walk-in health clinics exist in some areas to relieve the long wait, expense and congestion of emergency rooms. U.S. hospitals have 31 beds per 10,000 people, compared to 39 beds for the same 10,000 residents in the U.K. They may be publicly or privately owned. For those same 10,000 people, there are 94 nurses in the U.S. and 128 nurses and midwives in the U.K.

The biggest difference in the health care systems of these two countries lies in how each program is funded. In the U.K., a more socialized plan pays for its health care through a combination of public taxation and national insurance contributions. Only about 11 percent of the British purchase their own private health insurance. Certain services, such as prescriptions, glasses and dental care are free only to seniors, children and the unemployed. Make sure your dental covers Cosmetic Dentistry in San Antonio. However, only about 15 percent actually pay for their medications.

In the U.S., more than $2 trillion is spent each year in health care expenditures. However, 15 percent, or 45.7 million residents, have no insurance coverage of any kind and can be refused service by private care givers and hospitals. Medicaid is a government plan for basic care of very low-income residents and those with special needs. Medicare is insurance offered to those over age 65 and some patients with specific needs such as kidney dialysis. More than 50 percent of the health insurance in this country is provided by private, for-profit organizations. The remainder is offered through employers and the government.

Although the U.S. spends $7,290 per capita, or 16 percent of its GDP, on health care compared to the much lower $2,999, or 8.4 percent of the GDP of the U.K., the infant mortality rate in the U.S. is higher by almost two points, and residents are expected to live one year less. Yes, healthcare in these two countries is definitely different — in costs, in coverage and in services delivered. An alternative healthcare being used is locum tenens jobs.

Megan Murray is a health, fitness and financial blogger. She is also a contributing writer for www.policyexpert.co.uk/home-insurance/.


27 Jun

Preventative Care For Your Health Is Very Important

Staying healthy is very important, especially if you lead a very busy life and you have a great deal of responsibilities. In order for you to stay healthy it is always important that you are living a healthy life and that you get regular checkups to see how well your health is doing. If you are looking for a new healthcare provider or you were thinking of switching insurance companies, then you need to take a few things into consideration before you do so.


A New Healthcare Physician


If you are thinking about getting a new healthcare physician, then you need to do some research on the physician and you also need to find out what types of insurance are accepted. For some doctors they only allow certain types of insurance, so you need to be sure that you check into that. Another thing that you need to find out is whether or not the doctors accepting new patients. For some doctors they have a full lineup that they do not have time for any new patients.


Insurance Options


Shopping for health insurance is always going to be an unpleasant experience because most of the time you see premiums that are the same amount as a car payment. The best way for you to get the best health insurance premium is to get an indication that premiums have gotten lower or there has been a change in a policy plan.  An evite is the best way for you to stay informed so be sure that you sign up for all of the evites that are available.


Another way you can stay healthy is by making sure you take good care of yourself and that you are not developing any bad habits that might harm your health. Once you get older, visit Great American Mobility for many options for older people.

24 Jun

Treating Weight Issues in Teen Girls

Being a teen girl can be hard enough, but being a teen girl with weight issues can carry an enormous burden on a young girl’s life. It is really important to stress healthy living at a young age.

My Teen is Embarrassed of Her Weight

Being a supportive parent is very important during this time. One thing you might try is showing your teen how to lose weight at home. By showing her how to build muscle and lose fat, her weight will improve.

Maintaining Your Teens Self-Confidence

If your teen has struggled with her weight, then she might feel down in the dumps from time to time. It is very important as a parent to create a very positive self image for your child. First of all, find the right size clothing for them by visiting kid’s clothing stores. If your child goes through her entire life feeling good about herself, then she will never have any issues about her weight or any other matters.
If you feel as though your teen needs additional help that it is probably a good idea to find her a counselor dealing in weight issues. Getting your child extra help can make a world of difference in her self-confidence and any other matters she is dealing with.

08 Jun

Can Electronic Cigarettes Really Improve your Health?

This is one of those “duh” moments. Of course electronic cigarettes can improve your health because you’re no longer taking in the harmful toxins and smoke that result from burning tobacco.

Water Vapor Not Smoke

What you’re inhaling and exhaling is nothing but water vapor. It’s true that nicotine can be dealt out in various concentrations with electronic cigarettes but that’s not what’s killing you, those around you or the environment. What’s killing everyone is those cancer causing agents and extremely toxic fumes that smoking creates. When you stop smoking (or switch to E-Cigarettes) you’ll probably realize you’re having fewer colds and less outbreaks of bronchitis. Even your teeth and gums will benefit from switching to E-Cigarettes. Stains can eventually go away or be removed by your dentist for fresh start.

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Legal in Nonsmoking Areas

Because you’re not actually smoking E-Cigarettes are currently legal in no smoking facilities. Restaurants, bars, coffee shops; anywhere that you would ordinarily feel to the desire to light up, you can now do so without matches, lighters, smoke or tobacco. Smoking is a dirty and relatively disgusting habit. It smells bad and isn’t as cool as advertisements would like you to believe.
Smoking E-Cigarettes, such as V2cigs, makes ‘smoking’ far less disgusting and extremely clean.

08 Jun

Your Health is Always Important

The balance in your life between work, family and your own personal needs is difficult.  Often times your own health is the last thing on your mind.  Your health is too important to be left unattended, too.  In fact, all of the other things that you allow to take precedent over your health will eventually go undone, if you are too sick to take care of them.  For this reason, it is essential to make time for your health.


Yearly Checkups, are They Necessary?


No one enjoys going to the doctor to get poked and prodded.  But, all of the discomfort is worth it, because early detection of possible problems can expand the available treatment options.  The treatment procedures can also be far less invasive.  There is a difference of opinion, when it comes to how often you need to have a checkup.  At one time, it was prescribed by health professionals, that patients should have an exam once a year.  Now, more and more experts say that if you are generally healthy, from age 18-40, once ever five years is sufficient, after age 40, once every one to three years is suggested.  Of course, these are just general rules and everyone is different, if you take prescriptions, have a family history of certain diseases or have a chronic illnesses, then more frequent visits may be necessary.


Lifestyle Choices


Living a healthy life is really about your overall lifestyle.  Regular exercise is important, as well as adjusting your diet.  Reading the 21 Day Fix reviews can help you understand your diet better. Exercise can be as simple as walking or even swimming; no need for any high impact aerobics, if that is not your thing.  Diet really needs to be less about denial and more about choices.  If you are thinking, what’s the difference?  It is really just a state of mind.  If you feel that you are denying yourself a food you love, then you are less likely to succeed in limiting or eliminating that food from your menu.  Instead, look for healthier alternatives that you enjoy.  Does a cookie from the aisle of your local grocery store, filled with preservatives and unknown amounts of sugar really taste better than one you bake fresh, using healthier alternatives, such as molasses or honey and packed with healthy stuff like rolled oats?  If you are used to the taste of packaged cookies you may be in for a shock, when you taste a fresh baked homemade cookie.  It may seem like a small change, but finding healthier alternatives to some for your favorite foods has a cumulative effect on your overall health.  After a while, you will see it as a challenge and become excited to try new things.  Of course you should sometimes indulge yourself with old favorites, nothing can replace certain favorites, but moderation is the key.


Eating healthy, exercising, scheduling regular checkups and living an overall healthier life will keep your health needs at the top of your list.

05 Jun

Feed Healthy Skin With Acai Berries

Do you want younger looking skin? In the world of skin, it can be confusing. Every company uses strategic marketing plans to get the consumer to buy. They play into your wants and desires – younger looking skin being one of them. And while many of the products out there are great, not all of them are necessary. How do you decipher? One of the best things you can do is get educated. And an educated consumer knows that often what you eat can make the biggest difference in the appearance of the skin. This is why health officials often advocate acai berries for the skin.

Acai Berries Are a Top Antioxidant

If you did not know it, acai berries are a top antioxidant for your diet. Using products such as Detox Max can help you with losing weight. Health experts call them one of the super fruits you should be relying on. These super fruits can do many things including prevent disease and decrease/reverse the aging process. If you are skeptical, just look into the research. It is proven. And one of the direct benefits of the antioxidant acai berry is on the skin. Having this antioxidant in your body can prevent your body from harmful free radicals that age the skin and make it look unhealthy.

Using Acai Berries to Make Your Skin Look Amazing

Since you know acai berries are amazing, the goal is to start using them. What is the best plan of action? You probably aren’t going to eat pounds of berries daily. However, you should try to implement this super fruit into your diet regularly. Also, look for products that have acai berry in it. This ingredient in cosmetics and skin care can act as a great topical shield and contribute to great skin.

Start using acai berries in your routine today. You will notice a difference in the appearance of your skin in no time!

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05 Jun

Staying ‘Healthy’ While Still Being A Cancer Patient?

I know, I know, it seems ludicrous to put the words ‘healthy’ and ‘cancer patient’ in the same sentence. The fact is that any patient that has undergone cancer treatment actually does know how important it is to concentrate on their overall health, aside of course from the cancer itself. A healthy mind and body will only help beat this disease that does not discriminate, is not biased, and does in fact not care who or how many it devastates. Being healthy, whether you have cancer or not, is your best defense against cancer. This is something that every doctor should be telling their cancer patients – if not they’d better hope that their malpractice insurance is completely and totally up to date.


Cancer Doesn’t Care If You’re A Celebrity

More and more celebrities are coming to the rescue when it comes to getting the word out on cancer, its treatments, and just general education about the disease and its effects. Just lately, the world heard from Valerie Harper (who played the role of Rhoda on a 1970s TV show and has very recently appeared on Dancing With The Stars) regarding her lung/brain cancer. What started out as lung cancer in this non-smoker was treated inadequately (though not technically so in the day and age that it was detected) which led to the cancer spreading. It has now developed in her brain through metastasis from the original cancer not being treated with radiation or chemotherapy. The lung tumor was simply removed at the time. Fortunately we know better these days, but that doesn’t help Ms. Harper much. She among many others has joined the crusade of celebrities against cancer. They will hopefully enlighten us all.


Keeping Your Body Healthy

In order to beat cancer you have to try to keep the rest of your body as healthy as possible. There are certain foods that can assist you in your endeavor. Some of these foods in fact are reputed to actually fight cancer: navy and black beans, garlic, walnuts, tomatoes, berries and broccoli. So of course there would have to be foods that you should stay away from if you’re interested in fighting cancer. In order to help you even further here are just a few of those: alcohol, meats that are processed and animal fats. Don’t forget to take care of you teeth as well. Seek out a San Antonio Cosmetic Dentist.

Finally, here are a few ways to stay mentally healthy: concentrate on moving in a forward direction, exercise, use your creative juices for something – a hobby maybe, and find either a reliable friend or professional to whom you can talk without worry. Above all else, hang in there baby!

01 Jun

Track Your Health Using Your Smartphone

Smart phone users have a major advantage in this day and age when it comes to health, weight loss and staying in great shape because, they have a whole world of resources for improving their health right at their fingertips. And you could access much more by unlocking your phone by using http://theiphone4sjailbreaker.com.

Health Apps

FertilityFriend – In the past, woman have had to rely on writing down their cycle on old fashioned calendars to record when they started and stopped their monthly cycle. This strategy hasn’t always been as accurate as it could. Thanks to the FertilityFriend app, any woman can accurately track her monthly cycle and have confidence that she knows when she started and stopped each month.

Vision – Proving that there is an app for just about everything, the vision app will enable you to accurately check your eyes and give you tips on how to protect them.

Heart Rate Calculator
– If you’ve ever exercised and then wanted to know if you met your target heart rate or not, this app will help you out with this so you never have to worry about checking your pulse or relying on someone to check your heart rate again.

Weight Loss Apps

MyNetDiary – This app is a web based exercise and diet program which will help you to track your workouts and keep your diet plan on the right track.

iPhodmeter – If you love walking, like many people do to lose weight, you should have this app on your smart phone because, it will enable you to easily track calories that you’ve burned on your next walk and insure that you’re staying on top of your fitness goals.

Lose It! – With this weight loss app you can easily set your weight loss goals and then use this app to help insure that you stay on the right track.

2Fat – Almost everyone who works out these days wants to know if they are where they should be when it comes to body fat. With this app you can easily calculate your body’s body mass index so you know if you’re where you should be when it comes to body fat or not.

Don’t have a smartphone yet? Check out these cheap payg.

31 May

Create The Outdoors In Your Indoor Gym






Have you ever thought of bringing the outdoors inside your home? It is actually possible to do this through new synthetic materials.


Not Your Indoor-Outdoor Carpet Of Yesteryear

You know how your great Grandma used to have indoor-outdoor carpet in her sunroom. It looked rather cheesy, but you did appreciate how soft if was under your feet. Well now that you are the captain of your own domain, perhaps you can take a cue from that old style, but modernize it a bit.


With the emphasis on fitness, some people are deciding to make a room or build one that houses fitness equipment, videos, and weights. Visit http://exercisebikepros.com/ to find your perfect gym equipment. While you may decide to have laminate flooring, when you get ready to do yoga poses or Pilates, that type of flooring can feel quite hard. It also makes your mat move around.


A great solution can be found, when you click here to see whether you want to choose between Nature 30mm, a grass grade designed to handle high traffic, Stemgrass that is used for high level sports, or V-Grass All Green that matches a country style décor and features four different shades of green, more suitable to a backyard then an indoor fitness room.


Future Indoor Gyms Will Have Synthetic Grass

Indoor gyms as a business are all the rage these days. Whether designed for toddlers or the middle and high school set, everyone likes the dependability of an indoor facility. It used to be that kids primarily played outside. If it rained they found something to do inside, like read a book.


Later video games became popular, but were played indoors on computers or consoles connected to the television. Nowadays times have changed. Keeping kids physically active in an indoor environment maintains their health, while not allowing weather to stop them.


Indoor putting greens for playing putt putt golf are switching out real grass to fake grass. Instead of having to feverishly maintain the grass from golf putters and balls constantly chipping it, owners are choosing a smart and cost effective option. With artificial grass, they will not have to worry about watering sod to grow it to the right length, then placing in the barren spots. Instead, they can use the Putting Green product specifically designed for these facilities. This is created to withstand the affects of balls rolling and rebounding, is tear resistant, and has the ability to handle the high impact of putting.


Whatever your choice, making your indoor gym floor or putting facility spongy and comfortable will encourage consistency in maintaining your fitness schedule.

27 May

Health Benefits Of Acai Berre

Acai Beere is touted as a superfood with weight loss and anti-aging properties. But is it true? Well, it is believed that this antioxidant rich fruit has been harbingered for centuries as a healing, energy-stimulating and immune-boosting fruit. There are numerous health benefits of this fruit and some of them are listed below:


  • Aids in Weight Loss: It is a very well-known super-food that not only helps you to lose excessive calories but also helps you to maintain a healthy weight. According to a study from the National Institutes of Aging, the pulp of the fruit can mitigate the negative effects of a high-fat diet.
  • Heart Health: Research has proven that the fruit is high in anthocyanins, a type of plant antioxidant linked with the ability to alleviate cholesterol levels in the blood stream. It is also high in plant sterols that aid in cardio-protective benefits to the cells. It does this by improving overall circulation, preventing blood clots and relaxing the blood vessels.
  • Promotes Skin Health: Acai oil is believed to be a wonderful natural alternative to chemical based beauty products that are harmful for the skin. If the fruit is taken internally, it can provide the skin a healthier glow.
  • Helps with Digestive Upset: The fruit also aids in keeping the digestive system healthy and clean. It also has powerful detoxification properties and is very well known traditional source of dietary fiber.
  • Anti-Aging Effects: It is extremely high in many types of plant phytochemicals that may contribute to an ability to reduce or reverse the processes of aging associated with oxidative damage.
  • Energy Boost: Taking acai extract also helps to augment overall level of stamina and energy, and may also help to combat exhaustion and fatigue. Whenever you need an energy boost, simply gulp in a handful of this fruit.

Nonetheless, Acai Beere has very good levels of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that would benefit your overall fitness and wellness.