20 Oct

Staying ‘Healthy’ While Still Being A Cancer Patient?

I know, I know, it seems ludicrous to put the words ‘healthy’ and ‘cancer patient’ in the same sentence. The fact is that any patient that has undergone cancer treatment actually does know how important it is to concentrate on their overall health, aside of course from the cancer itself. A healthy mind and body will only help beat this disease that does not discriminate, is not biased, and does in fact not care who or how many it devastates. Being healthy, whether you have cancer or not, is your best defense against cancer. This is something that every doctor should be telling their cancer patients – if not they’d better hope that their malpractice insurance is completely and totally up to date.


Cancer Doesn’t Care If You’re A Celebrity

More and more celebrities are coming to the rescue when it comes to getting the word out on cancer, its treatments, and just general education about the disease and its effects. Just lately, the world heard from Valerie Harper (who played the role of Rhoda on a 1970s TV show and has very recently appeared on Dancing With The Stars) regarding her lung/brain cancer. What started out as lung cancer in this non-smoker was treated inadequately (though not technically so in the day and age that it was detected) which led to the cancer spreading. It has now developed in her brain through metastasis from the original cancer not being treated with radiation or chemotherapy. The lung tumor was simply removed at the time. Fortunately we know better these days, but that doesn’t help Ms. Harper much. She among many others has joined the crusade of celebrities against cancer. They will hopefully enlighten us all.


Keeping Your Body Healthy

In order to beat cancer you have to try to keep the rest of your body as healthy as possible. There are certain foods that can assist you in your endeavor. Some of these foods in fact are reputed to actually fight cancer: navy and black beans, garlic, walnuts, tomatoes, berries and broccoli. So of course there would have to be foods that you should stay away from if you’re interested in fighting cancer. In order to help you even further here are just a few of those: alcohol, meats that are processed and animal fats. If dealing with other issues, such as Vaginal Prolapse, make sure you seek out medical attention. Don’t forget to take care of you teeth as well. Seek out a San Antonio Cosmetic Dentist.

Finally, here are a few ways to stay mentally healthy: concentrate on moving in a forward direction, exercise, use your creative juices for something – a hobby maybe, and find either a reliable friend or professional to whom you can talk without worry. Above all else, hang in there baby!

19 Oct

Staying Fit and Healthy Despite Kidney Disease

Got a kidney disease? You’re not alone. There are more people in the world today who have some type of kidney problem that requires dialysis but the good thing is that it’s not the end of the world; even people who have just received basic information on dialysis can live a normal life.

Is your illness causing you to need in home care? It might be time to check into the companies in your surrounding areas to see if it time for that step.


Always Watch Your Blood Sugar Level


The first step to maintaining your life while living with kidney disease is to check your blood sugar levels regularly because, many studies have been done by the National Kidney Foundation show that individuals who maintain their blood sugar levels can reduce the effects of their kidney disease by at least 50 percent. It’s also important for individuals with kidney disease to have their glucose levels checked at least every three months to make sure their blood has the proper amount of iron.


Blood Pressure


The next step to living with kidney disease and or dialysis is to maintain your blood pressure, the ideal BP show always be at 130/80. This can be achieved by avoiding salts, sugars and overall having a healthy diet. Maintaining healthy blood pressure has been proven to slow kidney disease and prolong quality of life. You may also want to give up your traditional cigarettes and switch to http://www.ecigarettereviews.com/v2cigs/.


Watch The Protein


One of the biggest mistakes that people with a kidney disorder make is consuming too much protein. Why is excessive protein bad? It makes the kidneys work harder than normal to process the excessive waste. If you’re receiving dialysis or treatment for your kidney disorder, you should take with your doctor about how much protein you should consume on a daily basis.


Keep An Eye On Cholesterol


One of the biggest problems for patients who live with a kidney problem is keeping their cholesterol in check. It’s important for every kidney patient monitor their cholesterol on a daily basis and if they experience any issues or health decline in their kidney health to see the doctor immediately.

06 Oct

Building A Healthy Body

It is very important that you take care of your body so that you will live a long and happy life. If you are not in the best of shape than it is time to get a workout program that fits your needs and your lifestyle. You could also try switching to electronic cigarettes and save money in the process by using V2 Cigs coupons.

A Workout Program

Finding a workout program that will work for you is not difficult because there are so many out there. Which you need to do is determine how much time you have to work out. If you do not have a great deal of time each day then it might be a good idea to do a short 15 min. workout in the morning and a 15 min. workout in the evening.

Supplemental Help

Supplements are great because they add to the body rather than take away from the body. Nordic naturals ultimate Omega is a highly recommended supplement because it does wonders for your body. If you are trying to achieve greatness then between a solid T25 workout routine and this supplement you are going to have great results.
It will take some time to get your money on track but if you stick with your program then the results you will have are going to be very positive. See this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YH14vYpaW80 for more health tips.

04 Oct

A Haircut Can Be The Best Medicine Ever

You have been down in the doldrums for months. You lost that promotion you were certain you would get to a woman 12 years your junior. After all your hard work, there is no payoff. One thing you notice is her trendy haircut. You begin to wonder if this is the last chance you have for moving your career forward, as you look to retirement planning.


Techniques Have Improved

There used to be a time when cutting hair was as simple as putting a bowl over your head and cutting around it. With advances in hair technology over the years, and online hair academies, many stylists receive ongoing instruction in world class hair techniques. Stylists are learning the different ways of approaching hair before cutting. Factors like texture, hair density, and three basic cutting lines that are based on texture, are important.

Other cutting techniques include back cutting, shear slicing, cross checking, and twist cutting. Back cutting creates layers inside same length hair. In shear slicing, straight hair is opened to gain pliability. Cross checking refers to the amount of weight that is taken out when hair is re-texturized. Twist cutting is the technique of twisting a section in the front, and then creating a fringe that allows the front to be longer than the back. Other aspects of cutting are using wet shears vs. dry shears.


Haircuts Affect The Human Spirit

Have you ever noticed how a woman who is depressed or filled with anxiety about aspects of her life seems to do a total 180, when she leaves the salon with a new cut? Well that was not your imagination and you are not dreaming. Many stylists will tell you the psychological pick-up their magical shears possess. Just like a woman can find herself in a rut professionally or in her personal life, she also can with her hairstyle.

There is something very liberating when it comes to getting a new haircut. Changing your hairstyle brings in a dimension of the new and unexplored. Some people desiring change will instead buy wigs with different cuts. Then they can explore how a cut looks, without disturbing their “real” hair. This stops women with a tendency to complain about their haircuts, from driving their stylists crazy. Most women, though, are glad to chop off their locks and try the new, edgy styles out there. They realize there is no need to fret. It is only hair and will grow back in no time. If you do have an issue with hair growth, check out lasercap.com.  In the meantime, they will accept this breath of fresh medicine in the form of their latest haircut.

01 Oct

Getting Your Cancer Treatments And Drugs

This can be a very trying time in your life because you will have a great deal of stress and also you will have to make life-changing decisions that can affect the rest of your life. However, you need to also stay focused and positive on all of the things that need to be changed.

Affording Your Medication

You are not the only person in the United States that struggles daily to afford your cancer medication. However, there are new alternatives that can help you get your medication at a much more affordable price. You need to do research prior to purchasing any type of medication and make sure your doctor will agree.

New Pharmacies

A online pharmacy might be just what you need in order to get cheaper medication. You might do a price search on a random medication to see what the pricing is like. Something like buy Lipitor is a great example. Another great way to find out more information about new pharmacies is using Wikipedia. This site is updated all the time so the information is current.

Getting life insurance rates can give you a peace of mind throughout this hard time. Always stay positive during this difficult time and know that it gets better.

30 Sep

Live Right for a Longer Life

f28Whether you live right for a longer life or live right just to feel your best each day makes no difference in the long run, since the key to feeling great and avoiding numerous trips to your physician’s office is a healthy diet and sufficient amount of daily exercise. Also, switching to electronic cigarettes can help you feel healthier. Find V2 cgis promo codes to save money when switching. Every organ in your body benefits from just a moderate level of exercise, including your brain. Research is finding that exercising regularly can actually prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s or senility. In addition, performing aerobic exercises strengthen your heart which allows blood to be pumped more easily throughout your body.

Bones and Flexibility

Diet and exercise also enhances bone health and maintains flexibility of joints, which allows you to keep moving as you get older. Strength training, such as lifting weights, is a good way to improve bone durability and prevent osteoporosis which causes bones to become brittle and easily breakable. Walking, jogging and exercising with a stair stepper are excellent methods for keeping joints pliable and bones sturdy. Stretching exercises, such as those used in yoga, maintain muscular and joint flexibility as the body ages which averts stiff joints and arthritis-like conditions.


Adding a well-balanced diet to a routine of exercise will definitely place you out of the risk list for heart disease, diabetes or other life-decreasing illnesses. Unless you have a genetic predisposition for a certain disorder, eating plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains in combination with vigorous activity several times a week can add ten years to your life. Keeping your weight coordinated with your height and age is also recommended. Continuously dieting by starving yourself, however, can cause your metabolism to slow down and burn less calories so make sure you eat small meals rather than one or two large ones every day.

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A great exercise to keep fit and burn calories is any lower body workout, such as squats. This will fire your metabolism just as well as jogging does, and help you keep your weight where it should be.

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29 Sep

Different Ways To Improve Your Health

We all have our vices.  Some of us eat too much, some of us drink too much, some of us don’t get enough exercise, and some of us have yet to jump on board the no smoking train.  And then, there are those of us who leave no stone unturned and simply cave to all of those vices.  When is it time to concentrate more on your health and less on satisfying your cravings?  Once it’s too late?


Wake Up and Smell the Decaf


No, I don’t adhere to the whole decaf thing either, but I needed the subtitle.  Truth be told, some coffee drinkers have successfully switched to decaf, in an effort to get healthy.  A change in diet would benefit most of us considering that America has an obesity problem that is nearing epidemic portions.  And, though texting and driving is the new drinking and driving, the alcohol consumption rate in America is staggering.  Now, no one is telling you that you can have a piece of cheesecake and no one is telling you that you can’t have a couple of drinks.  But if you’re looking to get healthier, keeping a closer eye on what you put in your body is the first step to making sure that your body lasts as long as it can.  Alcohol and food however pale in comparison to what some people put in their bodies.  Namely, tar and smoke. If you can’t give up smoking, you might at least consider trying an electronic cigarette the next time you have a craving that you can’t satisfy any other way. Read some e-cigarette reviews to find the right one for you.  Green Smoke is truly a pioneer of e-cigarettes and normally has a green smoke coupon code 2014 to save you money.


Step Away from the Remote Control


Now get up off the couch and walk your lazy butt over to the television and change the channel there. That of course is only one of the modern conveniences that are making America fat.  Even if you don’t smoke, but you overeat and don’t get enough exercise, your risk of cardiac issues and stroke intensify every day that you don’t get out and walk.  If you could spare 30 to 45 minutes every day for a brisk walk, your body would benefit greatly.  And, if you’ve got a dog that loves to take walks, this is the perfect opportunity for the two of you to get in some quality time together, as well as increasing your chances of becoming more physically fit at the same time.


If you can’t give up your vices entirely at least try to find healthier ways of going about them.  It’s all about the choices that we make.


25 Sep

Speeding Up Your Metabolism Will Help Weight Loss

One factor that can be blamed for your inability to shed pounds how you would like to is a slow metabolism.  If your body does not burn calories quickly enough turning it into fuel, it will soon lead to some extra pounds.  Considering that your metabolism is likely dictated by genetics and age, this can really be a pain for those that are trying to shed some pounds.  While you may have been born with the metabolism you have, there are ways to help speed up your metabolism, such as using chia seeds, which in turn will help you shed those pounds!


Why is a Faster Metabolism Beneficial?


The rate at which your body burns calories is what will ultimately decide how much or how little weight you gain and lose.  If you have a slow metabolism, foods that some people are able to eat without a problem could wind up putting a few pounds on your body.  If you use a few tricks to help your metabolism along, you are likely to lose weight more quickly and the tricks you use could also aid in making you a healthier you.


Speeding Up Your Metabolism


While are bodies determine our metabolic rate, we can do small things to help it along.  For instance, adding green coffee extract to your diet can aid in speeding up your metabolic rate and will help shed some extra pounds.  Another tip is to keep hydrated.  It seems cliché but drinking those eight cups of water a day will keep your body chemistry moving the way you want it to.  On the other side of that, avoid over indulging in alcohol.  Research shows that after a night of drinking, your metabolic rate drops significantly.  One tip that can be even enjoyable is snacking all day!  Of course, this doesn’t mean eating a bag of potato chips all day.  Rather, snack on fruits, vegetables, even granola several times a day to get that metabolism working.  There are plenty of other ways to speed up your metabolism and it is a good idea to test as many as you can until you find what works for you.  If you are on the go a lot and can’t keep fresh fruits and veggies on hand, why not consider freeze dried food as an option?  They have all the nutrients of fresh fruits and veggies, with out the spoilage.


A slow metabolism can be a really tough thing to overcome when trying to lose weight.  While your metabolism is already chosen for you, you can make changes to it to get it running at the level you would like it to.  The important thing to remember is to stay healthy above all else, and going to drastic measures to lose weight is not only unhealthy, it’s counterproductive.  However, when done in a healthy, responsible way, you can speed up that metabolism and fit into that pair of jeans you have been dying to wear!

25 Sep

You are What You Eat

Have you noticed a shift in the way people are thinking about food? It seems to have finally registered with most Americans that we are eating foods that are not doing our bodies any good. Fast food restaurants are beginning to offer healthier alternatives to consumers. This is not because they care about your health. It is happening because the demand is there. For helpful ways to lose weight visit Creative Commons Garcinia Cambogia for a free trial.


The Epidemic of Obesity

Americans are in the middle of an obesity epidemic. Diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes are running rampart through the population. More and more people are logging in to look for prescriptions online to save a few bucks on all the medicines they need for various diseases that are often the result of a poor diet and obesity like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. This wasn’t the case many years ago, so what changed? Well, we did! We were once an agrarian society, people farmed and grew their own and food. They traded with other local farmers for what they needed and meals were cooked at home with the ingredients grown on the farms.


Enter the industrial age, now we are no longer growing our own foods we are working outside of the home. Populations of people still grow food on the farms, they expand and grow and sell foods to the rest of the population.  But now we have more options and less time so we began to cook less and buy precooked or “fast food”. This is accelerated when women leave the home and began working. Now demand is high and the fast food chains become a big industry. And fast food restaurants sprung up on every corner.


Demand for Quick Meals

Fast forward to today our lives are very fast paced. Demand for quick meals is higher than ever and in order to keep up with demand fast food restaurants began to cut down on quality to increase profit. The simple family farm cannot keep up with demand for lower priced products. Big business sees an opportunity for profit and runs most of them out of business. Now the farmers are corporations too! They produce massive amounts of foods quickly and supply them at a lower cost and they are not too concerned with what chemicals or steroids they have to add to accomplish that.


So here we are the poor unaware consumers. Who for years did not realize what was being done to us. Luckily today more information is available and we can choose to eat healthier foods. That demand has forced many restaurants to offer a better selection of foods. It has also helped fuel the movement towards organic foods. Hopefully the demand for better choices continues to drive the market.

23 Sep

4 Methods Of Getting Back To A Sound Mind And Body

With everything that comes up in life, distractions are a daily part of being a modern adult. That’s all well and good at first, but if you let those distractions pull you away from taking care of your physical and mental well being, you could be looking at severe health problems down the road. Search Yahoo to learn about life coaches. Here are a few thoughts on how you can get back to having a sound mind and body.

4: Fishing

If you need a way to make both your mind and body sound, there’s no better way to achieve that goal then through the act of fishing. Try river fishing to relax. It gives you hours on your own, and is physically demanding as well.  Visit www.kenai-guides.com? for more information.

3: Art

If you’re looking for a way to keep busy around the house, and bring yourself calm and piece of mind at the same time, consider taking up painting or some other type of art as a hobby. Art is great because it keeps you both physically and mentally occupied, while at the same time giving you a chance to mentally focus and reflect on whatever is on your mind. Art really can be the best type of therapy.

2: Gardening

Maybe you have more of a green thumb, taking up gardening could be a viable way to go about aligning your mind and body. Gardening is great because you’re spending time with yourself out in nature, and you’re focused on a single task the entire time. This gives your mind the chance to center itself, and really bring you to the point of being calm and peaceful.

1: Yoga

If you’re looking to get your body back into shape after years of neglect, jumping straight into the gym can be a tall order. That’s why yoga is such a great place for beginners to get started. Yoga can really focus your mind and body, and help you find the determination and willpower to get yourself back into shape. The more you practice, and further you go, the more complex poses you can achieve. You’ll be surprised just how tuned up practicing yoga can get your body.