29 Jul

Getting A Cash Advance For A New Exercise Business

After years of working hand-in-hand with a partner you’ve finally decided to branch off with your own exercise business.  Well, congratulations.  Your next step will undoubtedly be the bank because you’re going to need not only a place to have people come and exercise but the equipment on which to do so and room enough for it all to fit into.  The bank may or may not approve you and it will take an eternity not only to find out the results but to then get the money… if that is, you are approved.  What might be easier is a  business cash advance from a company that deals solely in loaning business professionals the money they need in order to maintain, improve, or expand their business. Promotional items, such as coasters are a great way to improve your business clientele.


An Exercise in Futility


That may well be what you call requesting money for exercise equipment if you went to your typical bank down the street.  It’s not that exercise isn’t a good investment and that all that pricey exercise equipment isn’t worth the money… It might be that you have no collateral with which to secure that will.  Loan companies that concentrate on lending business owners the money they need have no collateral requirements.  Hopefully, you saved your proof of income from your last partnership and will be able to show this loan company that you absolutely, positively can produce enough sales through credit cards in order to pay back the loan.  Rather than collateral this is more likely what these loan companies will use with which to determine your eligibility for a loan.  And Lord knows a loan is exactly what you’re going to need to buy all that fancy-schmancy equipment that will be expected by your patrons.


Can’t Afford to Buy the Equipment Outright?


Rather than going in way over your head right away with the purchase of all new exercise equipment you may want to consider the following leases:


  • Dollar buyout – this can be an attractive financing option if, at the end of the equipment lease, you know that no value will be lost by the equipment. The true beauty here is that once the lease is up you are given the option to purchase your equipment for something on the lines of one dollar.
  •  Fair market value -  traditionally, the buyout monthly payments are higher than fair market monthly payments but rather than buying the equipment for one dollar these are your options: you simply give the equipment back… You renew the lease on the same equipment… Or you can pay fair market value for the equipment if you wish to purchase it.


So stop exercising your body long enough to exercise your brain when it comes to borrowing the money you may need for your exercise business.

17 Jul

Searching For The Right Diet, Doctor And Treatment

What is the big deal about printing things on paper these days? Not all of us can juggle driving, our iPad or iPhone, a GPS device, a coffee cup, a Big Mac, makeup and whatever else we try to squeeze in while we’re driving. I mean seriously, why can’t we just print maps, when GPS doesn’t work? And for many of those old schoolers – GPS just doesn’t cut it. I mean the last thing you need while you’re trying to wrap your head around your doctor’s new diagnosis is counting on someone else to tell you where to turn and in how many feet. Having a map in front of you is, for many anyways, just easier to understand. If you’re forced into looking for a new treatment, doctor and/or diet chances are you have enough on your plate already.


Where To Find Today’s Best Doctors

Granted some of today’s most popular doctors are found as close as your living room television set. Dr. Oz comes to mind, for example. He’s in everyone’s living room lord only knows how many times per week. It’s a lot easier to get to see him than it is your own personal physician. And he does in fact take on many of today’s harder questions and topics. He does it in a way that you can understand and identify with. And that’s a little something that more non-television doctors could use in their everyday practice. There’s nothing like a doctor the talks over your head. If you are restricted by your insurance company you should be able get a list from them of doctors that are covered by your specific insurance policy. Look into Family Private Care Inc. for services. If you’re lucky enough not to be restricted there are online sites that will help you to find a doctor. For snoring treatment, seek an ear, nose and throat specialist.  I have found it helpful to print out a page on each of the doctors I want to do a final comparison on and spread them out in front of me in order to make that final choice. For treatment with herpes, read the best get rid of herpes reviews.


Diets And Diets As Treatments

Get a room full of people and ask to see the hands of everyone who is currently on a diet. Pretty scary isn’t it? Best everyone is or has been on some kind of fad diet, physician recommended diet, magazine diet – you name it. And if they were reputable, safe and healthy diets America probably would not have the obesity problem that they have now. (And all the other health issues that go along with it.) Other types of diets are those used in a holistic sense as a treatment in and of themselves. Well, it takes all kinds. As long as you believe in it, chances are it’s going to work for you one way or another. Holistic methods of healing and alternative treatments are a specialty – practitioners of which are usually discovered more by word-of-mouth.

But, because there’s nothing that can’t be found online, if you choose to go with a holistic or alternative method of treatment, physician, diet, etc. you should be able to find what you’re looking for online with the proper search.



Tips for Finding the Right Physician



15 Jul

Use An Empty Garage And Turn It Into A Home Gym



Not many of us have the luxury of considering our garage to be truly empty.  That said however, people do exist without cars or they might have a large enough garage that they can not only park their vehicle inside but have lots of room to spare.  It’s a shame to let a secure building such as a garage serve as nothing more than a storage unit.  With the right finishing touches and coupling nuts,  your garage can be a gardening center, a workshop for tools and projects or your very own home fitness center.  And of course you’re going to want to make sure that any and all equipment inside is secured by  high quality, properly installed residential steel doors.


Protecting Your Garage No Matter What Its Use

You have all undoubtedly done all you should to protect your family and belongings inside your homes. Four walls and a roof are all insulated, locked, paneled, painted… What have you.   They are all looking beautiful on the outside and inside yet guarding your family against not only the elements but intruders as well.  If you’re going to turn your garage into more than just a junk room, you will need to do the same thing with it by protecting it against the elements and intruders.  It certainly wouldn’t do to trudge down the hall for your morning workout and throw open the garage door only to find a huge, barren, empty space.


Creating Your Home Gym, Spa Or Yoga Studio

You are of course going to want to make sure your garage is capable of maintaining a comfortable indoor environment through either heating ducts and/or cooling ducts and its own thermostat.  If you really want to do it up right, you can make yourself more or less of a spa with a Jacuzzi to relax those muscles after a hearty workout.  Mats can be laid on the floor which will also have to be recovered/resurfaced since most garages have either dirt or cement floors.  Exercise equipment, though expensive, can be purchased used in order to save money and make yourself a more inclusive home gym.


Used exercise equipment can be shopped for online, some stores deal with used sporting equipment, going out of business sales when gyms close down, estate sales, rummage sales… All of these are ways to save money on what could end up being your favorite room of the house.  And don’t forget the big screen TV.


14 Jul

Do You Have the Right Information to Make Fertility Choices?

When choosing a fertility doctor there are many questions that should be asked in advance. There will not only be questions that you need to ask the physician himself or herself, but questions that they will be asking of you and your partner, should you have one. In this day and age, a partner is not a prerequisite for having children. Fertility clinics and artificial insemination have seen to that. Visit Peachtree Gynecology to find out more about your health.

Questions, Questions

After checking online to see just what types of questions you should ask your physician about your fertility options and finding over 100 possibilities, I’ve decided to narrow it down. Should you be interested in all 100 plus of those questions, they are easily found through a search engine online. Consider checking out the following when talking to a fertility doctor before choosing the specific physician from whom you will seek treatment: payment options and cost; multiple birth risks; success rate; side effects; drugs, surgery or both; testing for fertility; lifestyle risks and the eternal question …why can’t we get pregnant?

A Plethora Of Questions/Or Just One?

With all the questions that can and should be asked one of the main concerns of women—only because it is seldom discussed with them—is fertility after cancer treatments. Oh physicians have no problem discussing this with men; but for some strange reason, women are simply not as informed about fertility or infertility as it relates to their bodies post cancer treatments. And they’re the ones carrying the children! How does this happen in a world as modern and technologically/medically advanced as ours? Just how unbalanced is this scale? Exceedingly. On the average 68% of men were informed as to how they could uphold the integrity of their fertility post cancer treatments of the approximately 80% that were informed that their body, post cancer treatment, may have issues with fertility or infertility. This as opposed to receiving information as to what kind of options they had to somehow uphold their fertility post cancer treatments, only 14% of the women were informed. And that 14% was of an estimated measly 48% of women that were informed at all, that their bodies would have issues with infertility post cancer treatment.

Since prevention is the best medicine, consider going into something like cancer treatments and the possibility of having children later as informed as possible; that is your prevention. Surprises are nice, but not when it comes to your health. Forewarned is forearmed.

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14 Jul

Healthy Ways to Improve Hair Loss

For many, the hair on their head is a source of great pride and beauty.  Many people, men and women alike, spend an uncountable amount of time on styling and grooming their hair, throughout their lives and there are even reality television shows that showcase the fanciest of hair styles.  Considering your hair is part of the first physical impression you make with someone, it is not surprising that we go through so much to make sure our hair looks its best.  Since it is so important, many people can truly go through an emotional time, if they start losing their hair.  Unfortunately, once it starts, there is very little that can be done to stop your balding.  However, there are natural ways (like vitamins for hair) so you can stop the problem, before it even starts.


Scalp Massages


We all know that scalp massages can be utterly relaxing.  However, are you aware of the benefits of using scalp massages to fight hair loss?  Giving yourself a short scalp massage, on a daily basis will increase blood flow to your scalp, thereby providing more blood flow to your hair follicles.  Increased blood flow stimulates hair growth, giving you a great way to ensure that your hair continues to grow as fully as possible.




Believe it or not, your diet may have a bit to do with your loss of hair.  For men, all it may take to slow down that hair loss is a low fat diet.  When men eat a diet full of fat, testosterone levels are increased, which may be tied to baldness.  For women, hair loss could be a bit more serious.  In women, thinning hair can be a symptom of a problem in the gastrointestinal tract or even an absorption issue relating to essential vitamins and minerals.  It may be possible to treat both the absorption issue and the gastrointestinal issue with a non-dairy powdered acidophilus.  Keep in mind, it may take a couple of months before seeing the effects of the acidophilus, in your hair.


While hair loss can be a symptom of a greater problem, the fact is that hair loss is a hereditary problem and once the hair loss starts, it is all but impossible to stop the process.  However, by taking a few precautions, before you even reach that stage, you can slow down the process and continue to enjoy your hair. Find a hair stylist in Atlanta to help you style your hair properly.

11 Jul

Comparing UK and US Healthcare Systems

Health care in the United States and health care in the United Kingdom are two very different systems, and each program has its own share of critics and fans. For more information on healthcare visit www.surgeonabroad.com. The U.K. boasts a health plan that offers free care at the point of services offered to all of its more than 49 million residents. General Practitioners see and treat those who are ill at walk-in clinics. The doctor to patient ratio is 23 to 10,000. These physicians then recommend inpatient admission to a hospital for any patient who needs more intensive treatment. The hospitals are semiautonomous, self-governing public trusts with an average of 128 beds available for every 10,000 residents. A 24-hour telephone helpline is also accessible to those who may need medical information or assistance in their homes. Ambulances are free for those who have had an accident or emergency situation.

In the U.S., those who are ill may schedule an appointment with their family doctor or visit the emergency room of a hospital. There are more doctors in this country — 26 for every 10,000 residents, but office visits tend to be expensive, especially for those with no health insurance. Private walk-in health clinics exist in some areas to relieve the long wait, expense and congestion of emergency rooms. U.S. hospitals have 31 beds per 10,000 people, compared to 39 beds for the same 10,000 residents in the U.K. They may be publicly or privately owned. For those same 10,000 people, there are 94 nurses in the U.S. and 128 nurses and midwives in the U.K.

The biggest difference in the health care systems of these two countries lies in how each program is funded. In the U.K., a more socialized plan pays for its health care through a combination of public taxation and national insurance contributions. Only about 11 percent of the British purchase their own private health insurance. Certain services, such as prescriptions, glasses and dental care are free only to seniors, children and the unemployed. Make sure your dental covers Cosmetic Dentistry in San Antonio. However, only about 15 percent actually pay for their medications.

In the U.S., more than $2 trillion is spent each year in health care expenditures. However, 15 percent, or 45.7 million residents, have no insurance coverage of any kind and can be refused service by private care givers and hospitals. Medicaid is a government plan for basic care of very low-income residents and those with special needs. Medicare is insurance offered to those over age 65 and some patients with specific needs such as kidney dialysis. More than 50 percent of the health insurance in this country is provided by private, for-profit organizations. The remainder is offered through employers and the government.

Although the U.S. spends $7,290 per capita, or 16 percent of its GDP, on health care compared to the much lower $2,999, or 8.4 percent of the GDP of the U.K., the infant mortality rate in the U.S. is higher by almost two points, and residents are expected to live one year less. Yes, healthcare in these two countries is definitely different — in costs, in coverage and in services delivered. An alternative healthcare being used is locum tenens jobs.

Megan Murray is a health, fitness and financial blogger. She is also a contributing writer for www.policyexpert.co.uk/home-insurance/.


27 Jun

Preventative Care For Your Health Is Very Important

Staying healthy is very important, especially if you lead a very busy life and you have a great deal of responsibilities. In order for you to stay healthy it is always important that you are living a healthy life and that you get regular checkups to see how well your health is doing. If you are looking for a new healthcare provider or you were thinking of switching insurance companies, then you need to take a few things into consideration before you do so.


A New Healthcare Physician


If you are thinking about getting a new healthcare physician, then you need to do some research on the physician and you also need to find out what types of insurance are accepted. For some doctors they only allow certain types of insurance, so you need to be sure that you check into that. Another thing that you need to find out is whether or not the doctors accepting new patients. For some doctors they have a full lineup that they do not have time for any new patients.


Insurance Options


Shopping for health insurance is always going to be an unpleasant experience because most of the time you see premiums that are the same amount as a car payment. The best way for you to get the best health insurance premium is to get an indication that premiums have gotten lower or there has been a change in a policy plan.  An evite is the best way for you to stay informed so be sure that you sign up for all of the evites that are available.


Another way you can stay healthy is by making sure you take good care of yourself and that you are not developing any bad habits that might harm your health. Once you get older, visit Great American Mobility for many options for older people.

24 Jun

Treating Weight Issues in Teen Girls

Being a teen girl can be hard enough, but being a teen girl with weight issues can carry an enormous burden on a young girl’s life. It is really important to stress healthy living at a young age.

My Teen is Embarrassed of Her Weight

Being a supportive parent is very important during this time. One thing you might try is showing your teen how to lose weight at home. By showing her how to build muscle and lose fat, her weight will improve.

Maintaining Your Teens Self-Confidence

If your teen has struggled with her weight, then she might feel down in the dumps from time to time. It is very important as a parent to create a very positive self image for your child. First of all, find the right size clothing for them by visiting kid’s clothing stores. If your child goes through her entire life feeling good about herself, then she will never have any issues about her weight or any other matters.
If you feel as though your teen needs additional help that it is probably a good idea to find her a counselor dealing in weight issues. Getting your child extra help can make a world of difference in her self-confidence and any other matters she is dealing with.

08 Jun

Can Electronic Cigarettes Really Improve your Health?

This is one of those “duh” moments. Of course electronic cigarettes can improve your health because you’re no longer taking in the harmful toxins and smoke that result from burning tobacco.

Water Vapor Not Smoke

What you’re inhaling and exhaling is nothing but water vapor. It’s true that nicotine can be dealt out in various concentrations with electronic cigarettes but that’s not what’s killing you, those around you or the environment. What’s killing everyone is those cancer causing agents and extremely toxic fumes that smoking creates. When you stop smoking (or switch to E-Cigarettes) you’ll probably realize you’re having fewer colds and less outbreaks of bronchitis. Even your teeth and gums will benefit from switching to E-Cigarettes. Stains can eventually go away or be removed by your dentist for fresh start.

Read about PINNACLE PRO here.

Legal in Nonsmoking Areas

Because you’re not actually smoking E-Cigarettes are currently legal in no smoking facilities. Restaurants, bars, coffee shops; anywhere that you would ordinarily feel to the desire to light up, you can now do so without matches, lighters, smoke or tobacco. Smoking is a dirty and relatively disgusting habit. It smells bad and isn’t as cool as advertisements would like you to believe.
Smoking E-Cigarettes, such as V2cigs, makes ‘smoking’ far less disgusting and extremely clean.

08 Jun

Your Health is Always Important

The balance in your life between work, family and your own personal needs is difficult.  Often times your own health is the last thing on your mind.  Your health is too important to be left unattended, too.  In fact, all of the other things that you allow to take precedent over your health will eventually go undone, if you are too sick to take care of them.  For this reason, it is essential to make time for your health.


Yearly Checkups, are They Necessary?


No one enjoys going to the doctor to get poked and prodded.  But, all of the discomfort is worth it, because early detection of possible problems can expand the available treatment options.  The treatment procedures can also be far less invasive.  There is a difference of opinion, when it comes to how often you need to have a checkup.  At one time, it was prescribed by health professionals, that patients should have an exam once a year.  Now, more and more experts say that if you are generally healthy, from age 18-40, once ever five years is sufficient, after age 40, once every one to three years is suggested.  Of course, these are just general rules and everyone is different, if you take prescriptions, have a family history of certain diseases or have a chronic illnesses, then more frequent visits may be necessary.


Lifestyle Choices


Living a healthy life is really about your overall lifestyle.  Regular exercise is important, as well as adjusting your diet.  Reading the 21 Day Fix reviews can help you understand your diet better. Exercise can be as simple as walking or even swimming; no need for any high impact aerobics, if that is not your thing.  Diet really needs to be less about denial and more about choices.  If you are thinking, what’s the difference?  It is really just a state of mind.  If you feel that you are denying yourself a food you love, then you are less likely to succeed in limiting or eliminating that food from your menu.  Instead, look for healthier alternatives that you enjoy.  Does a cookie from the aisle of your local grocery store, filled with preservatives and unknown amounts of sugar really taste better than one you bake fresh, using healthier alternatives, such as molasses or honey and packed with healthy stuff like rolled oats?  If you are used to the taste of packaged cookies you may be in for a shock, when you taste a fresh baked homemade cookie.  It may seem like a small change, but finding healthier alternatives to some for your favorite foods has a cumulative effect on your overall health.  After a while, you will see it as a challenge and become excited to try new things.  Of course you should sometimes indulge yourself with old favorites, nothing can replace certain favorites, but moderation is the key.


Eating healthy, exercising, scheduling regular checkups and living an overall healthier life will keep your health needs at the top of your list.